Our Mission

Bike Falls Church is a diverse group of advocates dedicated to making bicycling for transportation safe, accessible and commonplace in the City of Falls Church for people of all ages, abilities and skill levels. By advocating, educating, and finding common ground, Bike Falls Church will help the City of Falls Church live up to its vision of being an inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant community. We will return to our children some of the independence, health, and joy that prior generations had when biking to school was more common. We give voice to vulnerable road users and hold Council and Staff accountable to execute the City’s stated policy about bicycling.

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Our Vision

By 2035, bicycling and other active and micro transportation are a safe, accessible and commonplace ways to get around Falls Church City for people of all ages, abilities and skill levels. Our vision has three pillars:


Bicycling is seen as a normal way to get around Falls Church City. People who choose to drive expect to share our streets with vulnerable road users and adjust their behavior accordingly. All children have the opportunity to learn to ride in school and there is regular adult bike education. People of all races, ages, genders, and income levels are using bicycles to run errands, to go see friends or family, and to get to work and school. Bicycling in the City is neither a status symbol nor a mark of poverty - it's for everyone. Community bicycle rides are part of the civic calendar. Those unable or who chose not to ride benefit from better walkability, better micro-mobility access, less dangerous roads, less car congestion, and parking for those who need it most.


City government is committed to bicycling and other micro-mobility and active transportation as a standard part of transportation infrastructure. Safe, accessible infrastructure that balances the needs of all road users is the default, not the result of advocacy. There are safe "all ages and abilities" routes to almost every place in the City, links to Fairfax and Arlington County bike infrastructure, and a plan to close the few remaining gaps.

Measurable Change

We score among the best municipalities in the country on key bike-friendly metrics: fatalities, injuries, and crashes involving pedestrians or bicycle users, share of students learning safe bicycling in school, frequency of adolescent/adult bicycle classes, attendance at signature bicycle events, share of commuting by bicycle or walking, and share of City roads suited to people of "all ages and abilities" to use bicycles. We are certified as a high-rated Bicycle Friendly Community and Walk Friendly Community and win national recognition for being a special and exemplary community.

Current Priorities

Host and Inspire Bike Rides

Bike to Work Day, Bike to School Day, Kidical Mass, Community Rides, Advocacy Rides, and more

Raise Awareness

Grow Bike Falls Church, build bridges to City leaders, other community groups, local businesses, schools, and more

Shape Long Term Plans

Bike Master Plan refresh, Small Area Plans, Climate Action Plan, etc.

Bike Education
(Kids First)

Every kid should have the opportunity to learn to ride in elementary school, plus pop-up or permanent places to learn (traffic gardens)

Advocate for Infrastructure (Focused on Routes to School)

Existing projects with bicycle impacts, new bicycle-specific projects, budget to support construction

Improve the
W&OD Experience

Adopt-a-Trail cleanups, campaign to improve courtesy on the trail, improvements to road crossing safety

Our Asks of City Leadership

Top places Council, School Board, PTAs, City Manager, and Staff Leaders can help

Fully fund road maintenance, including quick-build and adding bike infrastructure

Failing pavement and signals pulls funds and attention from progress on bike infrastructure. Fund DPW's request to maintain our roads and add better bike and pedestrian facilities

Provide transparency to the public as required by the Bike Master Plan

When any project affects the road on a designated future bicycle route, share core traffic data and bicycle facility options with the public before moving to construction

Complete and implement the Bike Master Plan refresh

Get an updated plan in place, with specific goals that you plan to meet and clear ties to the budget and Council Workplan.

Ride your bike

Learn what it feels like to be on a bike in the City, show others that riding is for everyone and everyday trips, get some exercise and fresh air.

Educate and lead

Believe in the Comprehensive Plan vision; help residents and business owners understand why bike and ped improvements are important. If you don't know, ask for our help.

Support Events

Bicycle mode share takes more than infrastructure. Be champions, participants, and volunteers in formal and informal City bike events.