Falls Church is a great place to bike through.

Let's make it a great place to bike around.

That means safe streets for kids to get to school, sustainable & equitable development, and bike infrastructure that works for everyone across the little city.

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Who are we?

Bike Falls Church is a community organization in Falls Church, Virginia. We welcome anyone to join us and focus on several local issues:

Safer Streets

Kids should be able to walk & bike to school safely, the W&OD bike trail should be safe for everyone to ride.

Bike Infrastructure

Encouraging people to take alternative transportation means making it safer and easier to do so.


Bikes save the planet.

Everyone is welcome here!

Join us for cleanups on the W&OD, community events, local city council meetings, and more.


Ready to learn more?

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How can you get involved?

Bike Falls Church is an inclusive organization that welcomes anyone to join or support in several ways:

Join us for community calls on the fourth Monday of every month. Join the Calendar
We're at every city council meeting to make public comments. Join us to comment on our goals! Check out the calendarhere
Ride your bike!